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Exciting news from the Half Life series, a team of developers led by Carlos “cman2k” Montero has released Black Mesa: Source after six years of development. This is a re-hash on Half Life One,  they have the same storyline and missions but the game itself has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. This has been a long awaited release for any followers of the Half Life franchise. The remake is also free to play for anyone as long as they have the source engine downloaded via steam!

This release will give the chance for newcomers in the community to see the story that started it all. One of the major updates from Half Life is the graphics engine. Which has been updated to meet current standards for video gaming industry.

Half Life One                                                   Black Mesa


    These changes will definitely add more playability to the series and hopefully spike larger interest in the Half Life franchise.  As more games are created and released on the source engine, it will draw more attention to the Half Life mod community. This will hopefully lead to a slew of independent games free to play for everyone! Black Mesa: Source is currently being greenlit by the Steam Workshop, and is available through their direct website for download http://release.blackmesasource.com/ .

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