MaxFrag is happy to announce that our SC2 player, desRow, is going to Seoul, South Korea! desRow has been a big part of our success in the SC2 community. MaxFrag will be helping desRow cover trip and living expenses.


“Hey guys, First of all I can’t express enough how grateful and honored I am that I’ve been given this opportunity. I’ve been working extremely hard for this to happen. Back in July, I was talking with torch but my skill level and the MLG partnership made it impossible for me to come because there was always 1 person ahead of me. Since then, I’ve emailed in korean about every house to see if they had room for me but it didn’t work out. I was originally planning to cover all my expenses but I’m very fortunate and lucky to come across a company that is very supportive of me. I’d like to sincerely thank Maxfrag, who are helping me cover my expenses for my trip to Korea, making it much less stressful for me to take this huge step of moving across the world and changing my lifestyle.

My goal in Korea is to qualify for Code A and to improve as a player. I plan on staying in Korea until my skill level is high enough that I can compete in international events. I hope my fans can continue to support me as I put my best foot forward and really try to show that I have what it takes to succeed in Starcraft. I hope to show everyone what I can accomplish, and I will be streaming my progress on the Korean ladder as I try my best to improve my game to it’s maximum potential”

We are very happy with how well desRow has done and look forward to seeing what he can accomplish in Seoul. We’ll be posting updates here as the weeks go by. You can catch desRow playing live at


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