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 The Electronic Sports World Cup more commonly referred to as ESWC just ended on November 4th. There was a wide variety of video game genres played from Starcraft 2 to Counter Strike: Global offense offering big prize brackets. ESWC seems to bolster a long list of sponsor companies including Blizzard, Plantronics, and Valve, which over the last two years have made it one of the largest tech shows in the world.

The Starcraft finals were particularly intense with a 40,000 dollar prize pool drawing down between forGG and MaNa. The thirty minute final game was taken by MaNa. Counter Strike had a total prize of 20,000 for first place and was taken by Ninjas in Pajamas. There was also a final for DOTA 2 in which Dignitas was upset by Natus for a 25k prize.

Overall ESWC has shown to have had large success in the industry. Since the demise of CPL and CGS there has been a void in professional gaming, one this might fill. They have made large moves and friends such as ESEA through this last season and should prove interesting to watch grow in the future.

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