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League of Legends second season of competitive play is drawing to a close this friday. The top twelve teams were invited to Los Angeles to compete in the finals on October 13th and did not disappoint! There was intense competition and fiery controversy over the nine day finale.

The winners of season two, Taipei Assassins, walked away with a cool one million dollars for their victory over Azubu Frost. The five million dollar prize pool was one of the highest to date for any E-Sports competition. The two teams had to fight through dominating powerhouses in the League of Legends community such as Moscow Five and Team SoloMid to make it to the grand finals.

During the course of the finals team Azubu Frost was fined 30,000 dollars for watching the monitors broadcasting the match with a live feed of enemy map position. This has been said to have cost Team SoloMid their fair chance at the finals, ending their season at 7th place.

Despite the questionable choices made by Azubu Frost, the finals proved to be extremely popular bringing in over eight million unique viewers with a high of just over one million for the final match. League of Legends seems to be the fastest growing E-Sport, and with prize pools in the millions will secure its place in gaming history!

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  1. Chicago says:

    I’m glad they got caught and had to pay the $30,000 fine they ruined that game for TSM.

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