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  Mumble Features

Mumble is a low-latency chat software with several customization options. This includes customizable game overlays, application skins, and conversation-recording capabilities. As a premier voice chat program, Mumble also has advanced voice activity detection and high-end audio positioning. With superior auto normalization and security, this VoIP application connects gaming enthusiasts from all over the globe. With less lag and quicker connections, gamers can enjoy online competition while networking with friends across a single seamless platform. MaxFrag offers affordable Mumble servers with instant activation. Experience high quality server uptime, with the guaranteed lowest prices in the industry.

For Mumble users, we offer top-quality codecs and 24/7 customer support. Along with free custom hostnames, we also offer a 3-Day Money Back Guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your server or chat client. As a leader in cutting edge chat software, MaxFrag is your source for the latest in Mumble tools.

  About Mumble

The name might sound awkward, but the Mumble server hosting protocol presents a clear as a bell chat technology that connects within milliseconds. Talk to your gaming buddies, and be heard as soon as you speak. Not only is the transmission instantaneous, it also comes across with excellent voice quality. Much of the superior sound clarity provided by mumble servers can be attributed to Speex. Unlike numerous other speech codecs, Speex doesn’t target cellular phones, but is aimed at Voice over IP and file-based compression.

Mumble comes complete with items that serve one purpose: Make chat communications the best they can be. Mumble provides a system that supports participation in several games. You can immediately hear if a teammate is in trouble. Such rapid communication gives you time to make the necessary moves to win the game. Mumble is growing and getting better, so find out more at